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Association Rules



1. The Association shall be call the North East Wales Badminton Association (hereinafter called ‘the Association’).

2. The area of the Association shall comprise of county councils Flintshire Denbighshire and Wrexham.

3. The Association shall be responsible for the promotion and administration of the game of badminton within its area on behalf of the Badminton Wales (hereinafter called ‘Badminton Wales’).

4. The Association shall consist of:

(i) Clubs within its area affiliated by annual subscription to the Association and Badminton Wales

(ii) Individual members affiliated by annual subscription to the Association and Badminton Wales

(ill) Duly elected life vice-presidents.

Affiliation shall signify acceptance of the rules of the Association and Badminton Wales




5. The affiliation of clubs and individual members shall be by the payment of an annual subscription which shall be determined at the Association’s annual general meeting.All affiliated clubs shall be run by a Club Committee and its representatives shall include a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and Welfare Officer”


6. Those liable for affiliation fees shall be:

(i) Senior clubs and all their senior and junior members whether playing competitive badminton or not

(ii) Junior clubs and all their members whether playing competitive badminton or not

(iii) Junior squads (which shall be affiliated as junior clubs) and all their members whether playing competitive badminton or not

(iv) Schools having teams playing in non-schools leagues shall be affiliated as junior clubs and pay the club fee only.

(v) Individuals who are not full members of a club shall pay the affiliation fee via an affiliated club and be classed as associate members of that club.

7  Life vice-presidents shall not be liable for an affiliation fee.

8. The membership fees of allclubs shall include all affiliation fees except that no individual member shall be liable to pay more than one affiliation fee.

9. Affiliation fees shall be received by the Chairman of the Association by the 30 September. Any club and all its members whose affiliation fees are not received by this date shall cease to be members of the Association and be prohibited from playing in the Association’s area. A club that fails to affiliate by the 30 September shall be fined £25.

10.Association handbooks shall be issued to all affiliated clubs on the basis of one handbook to each registered player, free of charge.

11 Clubs situated in the Association’s area not affiliated to the Association shall not be permitted to join any other county association.



12. The business of the Association shall be administered by a Management Committee comprising elected officials of the Association and nominated senior club representatives.  All members of the Management Committee shall be affiliated to the Association either by subscription or as life vice-presidents.

13. Officials of the Association shall be elected at the annual general meeting and shall comprise: chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, treasurer, press secretary, sponsorship secretary, coaching secretary, tournament secretary, Challenge Cup Secretary, senior team manager, junior team manager, Welfare Officer,secretaries and treasurers of senior and junior league, chairman and treasurer of the Junior Development Committee.

14. Each affiliated senior club shall nominate one of its members as its representative to serve on the Management Committee.

15.The Management Committee shall have the power to perform the functions conferred upon it by these rules and the rules of the Badminton Wales, to interpret them and to determine any matters not contained in them. Any ad hoc provision made under this rule shall remain in force only until the annual general meeting, following its adoption unless incorporated into the Association’s rules is a resolution of that meeting.