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May 27, 2016


The NEW Way Project is Here

TNW25Recently a meeting was held inviting junior clubs/coaches and parents to attend so we could introduce a new unique and exciting project which, we feel, will improve badminton for junior players throughout North East Wales.

The meeting was well attended by the majority of junior clubs in North East Wales, but was also well supported by coaches and parents from across the region.

Because of the encouragement and engagement we have received from this meeting we are pleased to announce The NEW Way (The North East Wales Way) Project.

The aim of the project is simple:

To connect those wishing to evolve badminton from grass roots to high performance, helping every junior player reach their full potential in North East Wales.

The NEW Way project is so far made up of several elements:

Player Awards Scheme (Sgiliau Badminton)

The player award scheme works on the principle that the primary focus of young players should be on skill development, not winning. Winning is an outcome of a player performing skills well, so more players will be motivated if they are orientated towards improving their skills rather than trying to win. The scheme enable players to achieve various levels of success while becoming much more skillful players in the process.

Coaching Session Plans

The coaching session plans are designed to support club coaches in developing junior players to achieve their full potential. The session plans are designed to assist players in achieving the various levels of the player achievement awards.

Each session plan has a number of different activities based around a certain skill, which are supported by written, photographic and video aids. Each activity builds on the skills developed fro the previous activity and introduces more complex/higher level elements of badminton.

Junior Ladder

In addition to the various competitive areas for junior players to play, we have developed a junior ladder system. The Junior Ladder is an individual competition where players (up to U18 age group) compete in singles and doubles. The aim of the ladder is to get players playing against others of a similar standard in a competitive environment throughout the season.

Although we are in the early stages of this project, the support we have received so far has been incredible. The next phase of the project is to start working with junior clubs/coaches to see how the coaching session plans and player awards scheme can best fit their clubs and getting preparations underway to get the Junior Ladder underway for 2016/17 season.

There is a lot of hard work ahead, but the future is looking very bright for North East Wales badminton!!!

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1 Comment
  1. Ray Lewis
    Jul 4 2016

    What a great way to grow the sport. Clearly the NEW WAY will be an innovative template for the other parts of Wales to follow. I’m sure that many children will go from beginner to winner as a result of this project.

    Good luck

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