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May 3, 2013


Successful Trial of ‘Swiss Chess’ Badminton Competition at Holywell Club

On Tuesday 23rd April for 2 hours Holywell Badminton Club trialed a different way of organising a badminton competition. During my league matches since Christmas I mentioned the competition to clubs to see if there was interest in sending a couple of 3rd/lower 2nd division pairs to join with Holywell’s 2nd team players and 1st team playing with non league club members. On the night we had 2 pairs each from Rossett, Mold and Llanferes and one from Flint joining the 5 from Holywell. An enjoyable evenings badminton was had by all as could be seen by the number of red faces bringing their scores in. In the end the winners were Rowena Spencer and Alex Graham from Flint who managed to fend off all those who tried to knock them off the top spot. Congratulations!


1. To give everyone a good session of badminton with a competitive edge. 2 minute knock up before 1st game, 1 minute other games.
All 4 courts in use about 95% of time (worked out about 90% due to problems at the start with my glasses, (they were at home!). After the 1st game playing pairs will play other pairs of their level resulting in good, close games. Aim 6 games each.

2. To see how the ‘Swiss Chess’ system could work for badminton.

Pairs are not seeded or handicapped. Round 1 drawn at random. Pairs are ordered (half won so they are ordered according to points difference of the win, half who lost in the same way.). Round 2, pair at the bottom play next pair up and so on till 2nd plays 1st. Order again, games won 1st then refine using points. Repeat after each round. Anyone at the top will constantly have the better pairs to beat to stay there, pair at the bottom will keep having others who have lost as many to play against. Playing from the bottom up means at the end of the last round the top 4 couples are playing the deciding games and everyone can watch who wins.

The plan was 14 pairs, 1st round one game to 21, 2nd and 3rd rounds 2 games to 15, 4th round one to 21. However we had 12 pairs who played and this allowed to play an extra round of 2 to 15. So altogether everyone played 8 games against well matched opponents.

Many thanks to all those who took part and especially those from other clubs willing to travel for what was an unknown experience, to the club for using their club night and those who helped on the night.

 Improvements and the future.

Mens/Ladies doubles competition.
Informal between 2/3/4 clubs using club nights.
Area endorsed competition (eg to run through Sept )
Open to anyone in NEWBA/North Wales/Cheshire.

Think out of the box, lets make things happen!

Martin Gould.


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  1. Ewan Mitchell
    May 16 2013

    I played in this tournament very well organised, great fun & all the matches played were close & enjoyable.(even when coming 2nd)
    Would recommend & participate in another.

  2. Jane Liddle
    May 27 2013

    What a good night this was – it was great to socialize with players from other clubs and the games were fun because the format was so different. Thanks Martin.

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