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1. The league shall be called “The North East Wales Badminton League”.

2. The League shall consist of clubs affiliated to and within the area of the North East Wales Badminton Association (NEWBA), or, with the approval of the League Committee, any other county association.

3. The business of the league shall be managed by a committee comprising chairman, vice-chairman, secretary, match-secretary, treasurer, tournament secretary, NEWBA press secretary and five other elected members. Amendments to the composition of the committee may be made at the annual general meeting.

Following election, the Committee shall meet at the following approximate times for the stated reason, plus ongoing business, and may meet at other times as requirements arise:-   Mid June to determine next season’s league structure. Late September to discuss any initial difficulties experienced by clubs and initiate Presentation Night. Mid November to discuss the early weeks of the season. Mid January to discuss annual tournament and end-of-season Presentation Night. Late March for the pre-AGM meeting.

4. The committee shall have the power to perform the functions conferred upon it by these rules, to interpret them and to determine any matters not contained in them. At committee meetings, five committee members shall form a quorum.

5. League officials and representatives, except NEWBA press secretary, shall be elected at the annual general meeting which shall be held prior to the annual general meeting of the NEWBA.

6. The League Committee or any club supported by two other clubs may request a special general meeting on written request to the secretary.

7. Seven days’ notice of a general meeting shall be given by the secretary to all clubs together with a copy of the Agenda.

8. Only bona fide members of the league’s constituent clubs shall be entitled to attend and vote at general meetings. Ten such persons shall form a quorum.

9. The accounts of the league shall be presented to the annual general meeting and shall be audited by a person appointed at the previous annual general meeting.

10. League fees shall be determined at the annual general meeting and notified to clubs prior to the commencement of the following season.

11. Clubs must inform the League Match Secretary by not later than 31st May of the name, address, e-mail address and telephone number of their secretary, match secretary, club welfare officer, the number of teams to be entered in the league and the match nights, venues and start times for each of their teams. If a Club has only one person fulfilling their official roles, that club must provide an additional name, with details as above, to be a second contact for NEWBL communications. Failure to do so will incur a fine of £10.

12. Any of these rules may be altered or rescinded or any new rule may be made at a general meeting provided that notice of a proposed alteration, rescission or addition has been given on the notice announcing the meeting. Any resolution for submission to the annual general meeting shall be received by the league secretary not less than 14 days prior to the date of the meeting.


13. Clubs may enter any number of teams in the league.

14. The league shall be divided into divisions comprising, as far as possible, eight teams each. Any inequality in the composition of the divisions due to teams entering or leaving the league shall be accommodated in the lower divisions. The composition of the divisions shall be determined by the League Committee prior to the start of each season, and in exceptional circumstances may be amended at any time to maintain the viability of each division.

15. Championships, promotions and relegations shall be decided by the number of league points won on the basis of two points for a win, one point for a draw and none for a defeat, plus in each case one point for the number of events won by each team. In the event of a tie on total points, the total number of events shall determine the issue. Should a further tie then ensue, the difference between games won and lost shall be the criterion.