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1. The league shall be called the North East Wales Regional Junior
Badminton League.

2. The objective of the league shall be to give young people the opportunity to play competitive badminton in an environment, which fosters fair play and respect for others, whilst promoting the spirit of team co-operation.


3.  The business of the League shall be managed by a committee of an elected chairman, secretary and treasurer and including the tournament secretary and one representative from each member club.  

4. The committee to uphold and interpret the Rules and resolve matters not contained in the Rules.    Five members shall constitute a quorum.

5.  Officers to be elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Junior League, prior to the AGM of NEWRBA.

6.  The Secretary shall give two weeks notice of an Ordinary Meeting and three weeks notice for an AGM to all clubs together with a copy of the agenda.

7.  At the Junior League AGM, accounts must be presented and officers will be elected.  Also, rules may be altered, rescinded or added to, provided notice of such change is given with the notification of the AGM.        

8. Clubs must inform the Junior League Secretary immediately they change their Club Representative, providing details of the names, addresses and telephone numbers.   The Junior League Secretary to forward these details to the Secretary of the North East Wales Regional Badminton Association prior to the Association’s AGM, for inclusion in the NEWRBA handbook.      


 9.  Clubs may enter any number of teams in the League where time and the format of the sessions allow.

10. The League shall be divided into divisions containing four teams per division.   All teams to meet at the same venue to contest their division.   The locations and number of venues will be set by the Committee.   After each Full-days Fixture, the bottom team in the top division will be replaced by the top team in the second division and so on down to the bottom division. Fixture sheets will circulated to each club prior to the next Full-days Fixture

11. Only WBU registered players of bona-fide League clubs, who are under 15 (on 1st of January at the start of the current season), can play in League matches and they may only do so for one club.  The league secretary must be informed in writing if a player transfers from one club to another and this must be done by the recipient club, endorsed by the releasing club.       

12. Prior to the first fixture, clubs must submit to the junior league secretary a list of their registered players in order of merit.Teams with insufficient players will not be allowed to contest the league.

13. Where new players are to be added to the club’s list of players or where the respective performance of a listed players changes, then the junior league secretary should be notified of the change, prior to the fixture where the re-adjustment becomes operative.

14. A team requiring a reserve shall obtain a player from the club’s next lower team, the vacancy in the lower team being likewise filled and so on down until a bona-fide reserve player is used or a gap remains in the lowest team.    Where a gap does occur a player from another team or club can be asked to fill-in but his/her games will be forfeited by the maximum score.     

15. A player can play TWICE in a senior team, in any one season but thereafter will be deemed to be a bona-fide member of the senior team and thus forfeit their right to play in the junior league.



16.Each team in any division will play two out of the other three teams in that division, each contest being four singles and two doubles played to 13points without setting. The four players in each team will be ranked 1 to 4 on merit and each player will play his/her singles game against the opponent with the same ranking.The two top ranked players [i.e. 1 and 2] will then play doubles against their counterparts in the opposing team while the second doubles will involve the remaining players.   The match result will be determined by the number of games won and where even the total number of points scored will count,if the points score is also equal,the result is a draw.

17. Prior to the start of the match, team representatives shall enter the players names in order of merit on the score sheet.   Reserves must be identified and marked on the score sheet.   At the end of the match, the score sheet must be completed (including the name of the opposition sports personality), signed by both team representatives and handed in to the venue Marshall.

18. League matches shall begin promptly at the agreed time and the order of play should be in accordance with the score sheet unless otherwise agreed by team representatives.

19. Play shall be continuous

20. Teams shall abide by the byelaws of the match venue with regards to lets and faults.

21. Approved feather shuttles shall be used.

22. Where required scorers will be provided by team representatives.

23. Players must be suitably attired in shorts/skirt and a suitable top (e.g. plain T-shirt or polo shirt) during play but tracksuits may be worn during warm-up and in very cold conditions.   

24. Suitable footwear, properly laced, must be worn during play and warm-up.

25. Disputes, which cannot be resolved by club representatives, should be brought to the attention of the venue Marshall who in consultation with other Club Representatives will adjudicate.  A person not satisfied by the adjudication should lodge a complaint with the Junior League Secretary to be heard at the next meeting of the Junior League Committee.

26. Players and adults shall at all times conduct themselves in a sportsmanlike manner, displaying courtesy, fairness, sportsmanship and good manners in all aspects of their conduct on and off the court.

27. Fees will be collected from the players by the Team Representative and handed to the League treasurer or his representative on the same day as the event is held.   A player who plays in another team solely to make up numbers (as per rule 14) will be subject to ONE payment only.   The fee will be set by the Junior League Committee at the AGM.



28. The committee shall have the right, subject to sanction by the Welsh Badminton Union and/or the North East Wales Regional Badminton Association, to promote restricted tournaments, open only to players eligible to play in the league, and to arrange representative matches for teams drawn from league teams.

29. In the Annual Gareth Coppack Memorial Tournament the League Rules are modified, as it is handicapped and its format is set by the Tournament Referee to accommodate more teams, playing in pools operating simultaneously. However, the League Rules 19 to 21 regarding match play and Rule 26 apply unless rescinded or altered by the Junior League Committee.