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Junior League

The North East Wales Junior Badminton League Comprises 8 Junior Clubs who play badminton in the Flintshire, Denbighshire and Cheshire area. In total there are 20 teams playing in the league, who are split into 5 Divisions

The League operates as five divisions of four teams, with each team playing two opposing teams at each match day. The top team in each division is promoted and the bottom team is relegated after every match day. The format is 4 seeded singles and 2 seeded doubles. So each player plays two events per match. The rally point scoring system is used, with games played to 21 points.

The league is run for the benefit of junior players up to the age of 15. Over the years the junior league has proved very popular with players and the youngsters have gained a great deal of pleasure from participating in matches.

At the end of each season, the Gareth Coppack Team Tournament is held, which sees all teams compete against each other in a one day event. The handicapping format allows all teams to start out on a level playing field, with higher division teams being handicapped most severely. This tournament is a fun, but competitive day ,where players from across North East Wales can get together and compete.