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Senior Tournaments

Tournaments are a great way to play competitive badminton in every discipline. As well as being a great way to motivate players to train hard to gain greater success, they are also a wonderful way of meeting new people and seeing new places. Tournament results are also used as part of the process when selecting players  for County and National teams.

Because of their importance in a player’s development, NEWBA encourages and recommends that all players who wish to reach their maximum potential compete in tournaments throughout the season.

NEWBA, Badminton Wales and Badminton England hold a number of tournaments throughout the season to give players the opportunity to compete at a level that suits their ability.

The tournaments currently available are:

NEWBA Senior Restricted Tournament – usually held in November. Link here: Download Entry Form:

NEWBL Senior League Handicap Tournament – usually held end March/April. Link here: tbc

These tournaments are aimed at Senior League players from any division. The handicapping format allows all players to start out on a level playing field, with higher level players being

 BW Senior Gold (formerly Senior Satellite) – usually held in February attracting some of the best players (Club, County and International) in Wales and regions surrounding North Wales. 3 are planned for this season.

BW Senior Silver – a new tournament using the Monrad format which features only one event (eg singles or level doubles or mixed doubles). All players play the same number of games and end up in a group of the same ability. 3 are planned for this season.

Link s are in the calendar above

Badminton England Senior Circuit

The Senior Circuit is open to all players, regardless of standard, provided they are a fully affiliated, member of any UK National Governing Body. The tournaments are rated Gold, Silver and Bronze (Gold tournaments being the highest standard). All of the senior circuit tournaments qualify for the appropriate grade English National Ranking points.

The higher the standard of circuit tournament, the higher the ranking points and prize money awarded.

 Yonex Senior National Championships. Open to any affiliated player who satisfies the criteria.