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Find a Coach

NEWBA has a range of excellent coaches for you to choose from.  All NEWBA junior clubs and most NEWBA senior clubs have coaches at the club. If you are looking for more specific coaching, NEWBA can also provide coaches for one to one coaching or small group coaching. One to one coaching ranges from usually around £15 per hour up to £25 per hour which includes shuttles and court hire. Group coaching works out cheaper per person, if you can get a small group together.

When getting coaching always be wary of what you are looking for. For example if you want coaching make sure that is what you get – i.e. not just someone who is going to feed you shuttles for an hour. The coach should be giving you tips and suggestions to help you improve. It is important to take accountability for your coaching and follow guidance, but if you are still not improving consider changing coaches rather than blaming yourself. The coach-athlete relationship is one of the most important aspects when being coached, if you have a good relationship with your coach you are more likely to respond to the coach’s guidance and see greater improvement.

If you wish to find a coach or need any advice about getting the right coaching to suit your needs, then please feel free to contact NEWBA.

Below is a list of Badminton Wales registered NEWBA Coaches


First Name Surname County   UKCC
Flintshire   2
Claire Halestrap Denbighshire   1
Tom Dillon Flintshire   1
Audrey Harley Flintshire   1
Alison Ince Flintshire   1
Belinda Jones Flintshire   1
Caren Price Flintshire   2
Clifford Price Flintshire   1
Jane Roberts Flintshire   1
John Steele Flintshire   1A
Dave Stretch Flintshire   1
 Jane  Givelin  Denbighshire   1
David White Flintshire   2
Mark White Flintshire   1
Paul Damian Atkin Wrexham   2
Andy Stewart Wrexham   2
Mike Coppack Flintshire   1A