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Centre of Excellence

Centre of Excellence sessions have been developed to progress badminton for children who are top level County Representative Players, it will help develop more complex strokes, movement, techniques and tactics to be able to compete at top level County and National level.

These sessions will be held once a week and are open to Top NEWBA County Players who play at U13, U15 and U17 age groups. Players will be invited to attend these sessions after being assessed on the attributes listed below. This is done by looking at players in their club environment, in the tournament environment and also by consulting with other coaches in Flintshire.


Players must show excellent focus in training, display mental toughness and must be able to overcome any setbacks.


Players must display a high level of commitment to the high performance sessions, have a proactive and positive approach when undertaking any training session and must have the capacity to train with the intensity, quality and volume of a high performance player.


Players should have an athletic build, possess good speed and power and must demonstrate relatively high fitness levels.

Technical and Tactical

Players should demonstrate a good level of all round racket skills, have the ability to read the game well and be able to implement or change tactics effectively.

High Performance Sessions currently include:

Regular Fitness Testing

Regular fitness testing will take place to be able to assess a players’ fitness, so an individual training program can be set to cover all areas or adjusted to accommodate the required areas of fitness.

Improving Footwork and Fitness

Footwork and fitness is an integral part of all top level players games, so there will be a high level of focus placed on, on-court footwork and fitness improvement, from routines to specialised play.

Technical Training

Technical training will concentrate on the players racket technique, movement and positioning on court. It will focus on improving and keeping a high level of consistency of technique that top level players require.

Tactical Training

Tactical training will concentrate on utilising the best tactics when playing singles, level doubles and mixed doubles. It will focus on using tactics for different types of game play and favouring a players strengths and an opponents weakness.

Current Centre of Excellence Players are:

Dhruv Bansal

Morgan Harding

Amy Jukes

Jamie Noble

Andrew Oates

Scott Oates

Tom Sudder

Michael Prichard

Raya Patil


Head Coach:

Assistant Coaches: Daniel Roberts