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Junior Squads

NEWBA has a number of different Junior Squads, which provide additional coaching to players outside of the club environment. These squads are made up of players who have been selected by NEWBA, who meet certain criteria which we feel, will maximise a player’s development and potential.

NEWBA Development Pathways are designed for young people to move progressively through Badminton in line with their maturation. This allows players to;

• move easily from one stage to another

• have positive experiences while developing their skills and interests

• be inspired to stay involved long term

Badminton has different requirements, but has definite stages from early involvement to an experienced participant. Not all juniors will be interested in elite specialisation and recreational participation will always be encouraged.

Age ranges for each stage are only indicative as there are considerable differences in the speed in young people’s ability to move from stage to stage (due to maturation and growth differences).

Development Squads

As the junior badminton player advances in badminton, fundamental skills developed in the club environment need to be supplemented by more specific skills. The ability to apply the skills in a given tactical situation will also be developed. At this stage, real focus on competition is a low priority.


In this stage junior badminton players are learning how to train and practice, which becomes a powerful factor in skill development, although fun and enjoyment remain important. An emphasis is placed on the improvement of a wide range of specific skills and the importance of learning through game specific activities, are introduced.

Inter and Intra school, Inter and Intra Club competitions should act as stepping stone to more formal competition.


In this stage junior badminton players are now specialising. All players should know how to start to develop individual strategies. Training sessions are fun with emphasis on perfecting specific skills, team work and strategies, including game sense activities.

NEWBA Centre of Excellence

In this stage there is full commitment from the player to maximise event specific preparations. They gain experience in national and international competitions to bridge the gap between junior and senior demands. Players should look to develop consistent shot production at high pace, maintain or improve physical capacities and continue tactical development, especially the ability to recognise key patterns of play.